About Spilled Soup

A cool, but rugged, trio formed in december 2010.
Picture the band like a tree with long solid roots grounded in a fertile soil of black blues. Its branches long and twisted, stretching  in any direction. Hidden in the rich foliage one can find  an abundance of strange juicy fruits, the songs, each with its own unique flavor.
Some of these fruits have a quite traditional taste of Blues, while others have a hint of Rock or Jazz. Some have a family friendly aroma of FolkBluegrass and Country, while others again have a more urban hipster gusto of Fusion, Soul or Punk. If you are really lucky you might even come across one of rare Balkan or World flavored treats.
Spilled Soups moto could be: “More Prog than mere Blues!”
Eivind Ystrøm Petersen, Gitar & Mandolin
Knut Martin S. Myklebust, Vokal & Drums
Hans Marius Haukedal, Bass

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